Check out these benefits of EVs that Honda points out on its website:

Fun to Drive
Hybrid vehicles and EVs use electric motors, which offer instant torque* at 0 rpm for faster takeoffs and an exciting driving experience.

Driver-Centric Design
The streamlined cabin of a Honda electrified vehicle creates an intuitive, distraction-free environment, for a driving experience as evolved as its technology.

A Quieter Ride
In a Honda hybrid, technology like Active Noise Cancellation™ helps keep unwanted sound out of the cabin. The future holds even more advancements for EVs, thanks to Honda R&D’s world-class wind tunnel.

Low Emissions
Electrified vehicles can help reduce or eliminate your driving emissions. And with a Honda, you’re also part of our effort to eliminate all our tailpipe emissions in North America by 2040.

Savings, Credits, and Incentives
Hybrids’ fuel efficiency can help you use less gas, while EVs offer potential benefits like HOV lane access eligibility, rebates for vehicles and home chargers, a tax credit of up to $7,500, and more.