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Honda EVs that will be built on GM's Ultium platform, like the Prologue, will drive like other GM EVs (Blazer, Equinox, etc.). Honda CEO, President, and Executive Director Toshihiro Mibe and Senior Managing Executive Officer Shinji Aoyama recently revealed that in an interview.

Expect that to be the new norm as Honda and GM grow their EV partnership.

Speaking of the Prologue and GM’s own Ultium-based crossovers, Aoyama admitted that the behind-the-wheel experience would probably be similar.

“We are limited due to the base architecture,” he said. “To differentiate [them] in terms of performance will be difficult.”

Mibe agreed, pointing out that the performance of the Honda Prologue would probably mirror some GM crossovers – likely the Blazer EV – thanks to the shared platform and similar battery specifications. However, both Aoyama and Mibe were confident that the Prologue will still feel like a Honda in many of the ways that consumers will care about the most.

“The design – the top hat – is where we will make our differentiation,” Mibe said.
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