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Honda Teases e:N Series EVs Ahead Of Shanghai Auto Show

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Honda released a new teaser photo of their new e:N series of EVs ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show. Both of the vehicles shown look to be small crossovers.

Unlike Toyota, Honda does at least identify the cars in question, telling us that they’re prototypes for its new e:N series of electric vehicles, but beyond that there’s not a whole lot to go on in terms of hard facts, meaning we might have to wait until the Shanghai Auto Show in April to find out more.

But looking at the single image we can see that both vehicles are crossovers with sloping liftback tails, and they appear to be almost identical in size. In fact, although you can just make out the different front-end treatments on each, plus a hint of two bespoke rear bumper designs, the identical rooflines suggests they’re the same car underneath.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Vehicle Architecture

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Car Motor vehicle
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